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    S scottisa21859985 started the conversation U.S. Treasury Proposes Tax Rules On Pass-through Businesses.

    By David Morgan

    WASHINGTON, Aug 8 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury on Wednesday proposed tax regulations for a new 20 percent income tax deduction for owners of businesses organized as pass-through entities, including rules to prevent the measure from becoming a tax loophole for wealthy Americans.

    The regulations are intended to provide everything pass-through owners need to comply with the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. tax code that President Donald Trump signed into law in December.

    About 30 million U.S. businesses, including many small "Mom and Pop" firms, are organized as pass-through entities, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation think tank. Rather than operating like corporations with shareholders, as many large companies do, these businesses pass profits through to their owners as personal income.

    "The pass-through deduction is an important tax cut for small- and mid-size businesses, reducing their effective tax rates to their lowest levels since the 1930s," said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

    "This 20-percent deduction will lead to more investment in U.S. companies and higher wages for hardworking Americans."

    Trump's tax overhaul provided permanent tax relief to corporations, which saw their tax rate slashed from 35 percent to 21 percent and an end to U.S. taxes on much of their foreign profits.

    Pass-through owners got only temporary relief under the law's individual tax provisions, which are due to expire after 2025. The deduction is currently set to cost the Treasury $415 billion in tax revenues over the next decade.

    Republicans in the House of Representatives are expected căn hộ alpha city to consider legislation to make individual tax cuts permanent, with a vote possible ahead of the Nov. 6 congressional midterm elections. But such a measure is not expected to become law anytime soon.

    The regulations provide the deduction to a wide range of businesses by limiting a tax code provision that could otherwise deny the benefit to any businesses based principally on the skill or reputation of owners or employees, analysts said. The rules say the limitation applies narrowly to income from product endorsements, royalties and licensing fees.

    "They left a lot of winners, which may be expensive," said Steven Rosenthal, senior fellow at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center think tank.

    Howard Wagner, a partner with the accounting and consulting firm Crowe LLP, said the new rules should also provide welcome flexibility for owners of multiple businesses and settle lingering uncertainties about the kinds of firms that qualify for the deduction.

    The proposed regulations are intended to ensure that business owners receive the full deduction on business income up to a $315,000 threshold for married couples and $157,500 for single filers. The deduction is [url=http://www.bing.com/search?q=limited Editing by Andrea Ricci and Cynthia Osterman)


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    S scottisa21859985 started the conversation Real Estate Litigations Require The Help Of A Real Estate Attorney.

    As Houston is an important node in United States, the real estate industry has experienced a particular growth over the years. But whenever there is action, you have also conflicts and real estate industry is no exception. In fact, real estate litigations have increased in numbers and [url=http://Search.usa.gov/search?affiliate=usagovpadding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Types of Real Estate Litigations
    A Houston attorney specialized in real estate can provide a number of services which you are not qualified to handle or you don?t have the time to do so. Litigation is a complex concept and real estate litigation is no different. Real estate transactions are many times subject to dispute and the main reason is financial gain, loss, or compensation. Here is some information, outlining the actual aspects that a Houston real estate lawyer can deal with as far as real estate litigation goes.
    ???? Fraud or non-disclosure defects conflicts which occur in various real property transactions
    ???? Quiet title disputes which uses litigation to declare unsettled claims invalid
    ???? Wrongful foreclosure by abusive lenders which may not have legal grounds for their action
    ???? Conflicts with real estate agents or brokers who commit errors or abuse in certain circumstances
    ???? Easement and neighbor disputes including conflicts over fencing, boundaries, and so other similar situations
    ???? Zoning and land use disputes which are in most cases about wrongful law enforcement
    ???? Enforcement of purchase agreements which must be initiated when one of the parties fails to complete the transaction
    ???? Condemnation or eminent domain conflicts with the state wanting to turn private property into public domain
    ???? Conflicts or disputes derived from the occurrence of Acts of God such as flooding, landslides, or subsidence
    ???? Landlord-tenant disputes which are encountered more than often in the court of law
    ???? Property damage disputes which need the assistance of a Houston real estate lawyer
    ???? Private nuisance conflicts which are some of the oldest case laws in history

    Estate litigation may occur between various entities depending on the type of transaction which led to the dispute. A good Houston real estate lawyer could prevent such litigations by supervising the transaction to start with. But in case a dự án alpha king Houston attorney is not involved from the very beginning, litigation can occur.

    Although sometimes it is too late, legal help is definitely required in most real estate litigations. If no argument will convince you to get a Houston real estate lawyer then remember what you stand to lose if you don?t win your dispute. In real property, the potential loss is huge just as the potential gain is. Therefore, all parties involved will struggle to have the best real estate Houston attorney representing their interests and winning their case. Real estate litigations are not to be left at the hands of luck. Action must be taken in order to reach your goals and the only solution is a real estate attorney.

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