wash everything now

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    We have a dirty diaper bag that us water proof and can hold a few days worth of diapers. When it full I take it down stairs dump it all into the washer bought Charlies Soap to clean the diapers because all the labels say other detergents can leave residues that will hinder the absorbency of the diapers. We liked it so much we use Charlies to wash everything now..

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    dresses sale You guess what you ate. You wait until mealtime, when you find out if you were right. Mundane, but the amusement threshold is pretty low in jail. EDIT: Also, glad you liked the idea :) and thanks for the feedback!Would it really be O(M) though? Checking if a string contains a word also has a computation cost. Either way, each individual check would be fast, but if you using large dictionaries and processing every message server side, it could take a while. I think most of that can be offloaded to the client as a check for when they send a message dresses sale.


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