How To Keep The Edge Of Live Chat Services Over Chat Bots

  1. 4 months ago

    There is no doubt that more and more businesses are making use of live chat tools as a way to cater?to their customers??needs.?While there are many tools on the market,?live chat?provides?a host of benefits such as enhanced customer interaction, quicker response rates, increased customer satisfaction and improved chat support productivity. These benefits?are sure ways to stay competitive within your?industry, but only if done correctly.??

    Listed below are some of the key things to consider when using?live chat services.?


    Enhance User Experience
    Choosing the right place to offer chat support is crucial. This can greatly affect the customer experience. You should consider live chat location, accessibility as well as the times your customers or users visit your website.?To reach its full potential, live chat should be utilized appropriately depending on your?customers'?needs. Courteous and well-timed assistance will have an impact on leads and sales generated via your site. However, give them time to look into your site before offering assistance because in some instances a live chat window can be a distraction when it automatically appears.??

    It is also vital for your chat support team to create a conversational interaction to build up?customers trust. If there are times a customer needs further assistance and their issue cannot be immediately resolved using chat support, let your customer know you?ll?be checking?into it for them. Never leave them hanging because customers hate waiting and nothing beats an immediate yet helpful response. Automated messages can also be helpful during your first approach but overdoing so makes customers feel?as though they are speaking to a robot. Make the effort to listen and respond to them on a personal level so?customers?feel?assured?they are?conversing with a human being.??

    Incorporate Useful Software
    One downfall of chat bots is that they are?automated, that?s?why live chat with human navigation still works the best.

    Comparing your live chat service to other messaging apps today you can make your service?more convenient both to your chat support team and customers.? Don?t be limited to texting, start making use of software that can further enhance the way you deliver messages. Incorporate an option for voice and video call, co-browsing solution or screen?sharing. These are some options that can add value to your live chat service but, as previously mentioned, it should be based on business?needs.?

    Create a Chat Workflow
    There are many live chat services you can choose from but regardless of?which platform your business is currently using, creating chat work flows such?as a dependable ticket escalation path, an agent action plan, and real-time channel monitoring and management will ensure a consistent support experience. This will serve as a guideline to your support team so they have a basis on which part should they focus on.???


    Once implemented, monitor your success and metrics. This is essential so you can improve and make changes?in areas?that need?intervention. This is to ensure you?re providing the best service possible. Evaluate your teams reporting data?such as average waiting time, customer satisfaction percentage and agent productivity metrics.??

    Motivate your Team
    Training and coaching are key parts of the process so they can start providing great service to your customers. Once they get familiar with all the work flows and improved their skills, it is also good to acknowledge their efforts through coming up with incentive programs. Incentive programs can motivate agents to do their best. Since chat support agents are front liners of your company it is also important to make them?feel appreciated.??

    The steps that were mentioned above are some?things you can?implement?to give your customer?chat support?service an edge over competitors.? With some thorough planning, you can?easily improve your?live chat?operation.??

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