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    Bathing Suits I don't get why people are complaining about this.
    Ports take up very little development time compared to new games since the games already exist, and usually, the devs who develop new games are usually not the same ones as the ones who port existing games to a new platform. There's no need to worry. Bathing Suits

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    bikini swimsuit /u/Shiro_chan posted her thoughts nicely on the subject of being outside the top 1 3 spots as far as rewards are concerned. But think of this: the 1st and 5th place time for a class in ToI could only vary by about half a second. Should someone that kills the AI in 8 seconds really receive thousands more HMCoin at the end of a season than someone that killed the AI in 8.5 seconds? I don think so, especially considering how much sheer RNG is involved in it current state. bikini swimsuit

    Cheap Swimsuits As for now, we are not setting an implementation date for these changes since we are still open to feedback. This post is meant to get us all on the same page so we can discuss the future of the subreddit.With that said, let jump right into the specifics. If you want to cut through the details a TL;DR exists at the end of each section:After careful consideration, comics will not be placed into a megathread Cheap Swimsuits.


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