vehicles healing themselves

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    Also, I don know if this is common or not, but I prefer podcasts that don have too many people on it. 2 3 is the perfect number of hosts. 4 is pushing it, and at 5 I just get fifty shades of confused. Sadly, the show ended up heading straight to the toilet, and decided to compete with Dragon Balls about just how many episodes we can dedicate to one fight I think the last battle in the show lasted around 80 episodes. It ended up just being ridicules, with everyone having god like powers (where in the start, it was relatively down to earth. Relatively).

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    Tankini Swimwear I have since stopped and I feel like I enjoy sex so much more. It almost like a mindfulness thing I feel like. Anyway, I would like my man to also experience sex in that way.. I would also enjoy learning about a culture other than my own. The problem is shoehorning diversity into things where it doesn't belong for its own sake. If you want diversity in a WW2 game, make it about one of the black regiments that served, or focus on a russian sniper woman as the main character, then we would get a historically accurate game that isn't a joke.And, way more importantly, since fucking when is Battlefield a franchise that known for being historically accurate and "immersive" as a result? Is the Bad Company series not goofy? Is Hardline a law enforcement simulator? Was the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion to the original 1942 historically accurate? What "immersive" about being zapped with a defibrillator magically healing being killed by bullets? What NOT arcadey about jumping in a helicopter to pick up a teammate carrying a flag then jumping out of it, parachuting to the ground shooting a bunch of people then hopping in a jet and taking back off? What part of vehicles healing themselves in BF1 is "immersive"?This sub has lost it fucking mind and somehow thinks that Battlefield is a simulator and not an arcadey experience, that it somehow a paragon of military realism if that the stuff you want then go play the games that do that, like ARMA or Red Orchestra.This sub wanted a stale cookie cutter WWII experience filled with the same tired middling conventions we slogged through in dozens of other games the same shit, in the same places, with the same weapons, and the same vehicles and then this sub throws a baby ass temper tantrum when DICE has the audacity to be creative with their title. Tankini Swimwear

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